Monday, June 21

Charm's a winner - 2 for 2!!!

So - my pony's kinda a super star. Just a little bit. She may or may not have won the first two recognized events she's been in, and both with scores of 25!!!

Buck's been gone a lot for clinics the last two weeks, trying to cram in as many as possible so that he can be home for a solid 2 or 3 months before WEG (fingers crossed!). He was in Michigan for half a week, then home for a day, then off to California for a couple days, then home for a day to give us a good cross country school. Charm jumped SO great! Andrea (Buck's girlfriend) had been really nice about helping us earlier in the week while Buck was gone, but Charm and I definitely crashed around the jump course a few days earlier. It was not pretty. Charm took care of me and managed to keep every single 3'6" jump up even when I totally shoved her underneath them, she's pretty awesome! But anyways, it was nice to have a real school with Buck for the day when he was home. We jumped a trakhener (big one!), a single chevron skinny (prelim height), a prelim corner to corner 6-stride combination, and an intermediate table into the water that Charm cleared with more than a foot!!! Buck was really happy with her and said, again, that she could run Advanced, and was totally serious. My pony's pretty cool. Buck left again that afternoon, so we got all ready for the show - big bath, and I learned how to braid for real! No more rubber bands for this chick :)

So Buck's County horse trials was yesterday was the real excitement. Brandon and Emma had the day off so we did all the barn chores in the morning, then headed off to the show at a little after 7. The horse park is literally around the corner, which was really nice, too. So we headed straight over and Andrea and Susan had their dressage tests a little after 8. Andrea and Emmy did great and were in 2nd after dressage and Susan had a little bit of a tense test, but for only having done a month of serious dressage training they were very happy with a solid 35! Caroline (whose parents own the barn) had 2 pretty solid dressage tests on Nacho and Icy, which didn't earn great scores but were much better than her schools the day before so I think she was happy. Then Charm and I went and she was FABULOUS! They kept pushing back our time, so we ended up warming up for over half an hour, which was a little ridiculous, and it was super hot, but she was great. Got a little downhill and behind my leg, but still got a 25.7 and was in 2nd after dressage!

Our cross country was soo fun. It was super hot by the middle of the day, and once again people kept getting to go before us so our time got pushed back by like 15 minutes, but Charm just hung out and then got fired up again to go round! The first three jumps were a little sticky, but then she really got into it and was fabulous all around the roller coaster, up over some big tables, through the water, into the woods, a little sticky at a set of off-set pallisaides but went over them, loped up through the outside of the woods to waste some time (novice time is still pretty slow!) , then galloped out over the last two jumps. CHARM IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!

She lost a shoe somewhere out there, so we got one just tacked back on and then got ready for stadium. They were running about 20 minutes late (seemed to be the theme of the day...) so we hacked down there and watched Caroline's round on her Novice mare, Icy (which was awesome!), then Andrea helped us warm up real quick and we were ready :) I still shoved Charm under a couple of the jumps on our round, but she totally took care of me and the last combination was a 2 stride that was a little long, so I kicked her through that and she finished up GREAT! I really have the most amazing pony in the entire world. :) :)

And apparently the person who had been winning pulled a rail, so Charm and I got to keep up our winning streak! Got a nice black and gold pad to boot! Team BDJ did great all around. Charm and I won Novice Amateur with our 25.7, Susan and Luke won Training Rider with a 41.1, Andrea and Emmy came 5th in Prelim/Training and would've won if they had been going for time :), and then Caroline came 5th on Nacho and 13th on Icy. GO TEAM BDJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

It should be another pretty chill week with Buck and Andrea gone visiting Reggie down in Florida, but after this weekend Buck'll be back (at least for a bit!) and we can start getting ready for both Maryland horse trials. Charm and I move up to Training at the second one!!! Ahhh!!!

It was awesome having my parents out for the whole weekend, too - love you guys, thanks for all your help!

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